24 hours teleworking from Gran Canaria

24 horas teletrabajando en Gran Canaria

Would you like to experience 24h teleworking from Gran Canaria? Let’s imagine one day of telework from a lovely island, living under the Sun in the Atlantic Ocean…  will you join us? Teleworkers from all over Europe have chosen our miniature continent. Each one of them may have different motives to come over, and many […]

5 reasons to attend repeople Conference

repeople Conference: en este post tienes 5 motivios para asistir a esta pedazo de conferencia, pero hay muchos más...

This post has been translated into English by Lindsey Larson.   Almost two months ago, I embarked on a new adventure, a fun little challenge on a professional level, which motivated me above all else. That challenge was, and is, developing the Digital Strategy for repeople (previously: Nomad City, CoworkingC, and Remote Afterworks). The challenge […]