24 horas teletrabajando en Gran Canaria

Would you like to experience 24h teleworking from Gran Canaria?

Let’s imagine one day of telework from a lovely island, living under the Sun in the Atlantic Ocean…  will you join us?

Teleworkers from all over Europe have chosen our miniature continent. Each one of them may have different motives to come over, and many more reasons to stay here. But we are sure that one of those reasons was that they found in Gran Canaria all the resources needed to work from here, plus the opportunity to spend some time living by the sea and close to the beach.

¿What would one day teleworking from Gran Canaria look like?

8:00 AM Let’s say that you are arriving to Gran Canaria today, on a flight from Madrid, for instance. Just two hours and a half on a plane from continental Europe to find our round-shaped, sandy-beached, and hilly island. We are not really in the middle of the Ocean, but only some 1,500 miles from the continent, and really well connected with many direct flights from the main European cities (and at very affordable prices).

Gran Canaria welcomes you with warm temperatures. Our island is part of Europe, a well-kept secret of a place of eternal Spring.

But we are still at the airport, and it is time to go to town. The transfer is easy, as is moving all over the island. You will find public transport, and good road connections, to any destination on the island. If you´d rather drive yourself, there are many car rentals to choose from. And it is convenient, all options are available at the airport.

9:00 AM You arrive at your home away from home. You will have already chosen where you are staying. Maybe even your workspace. But if you have not, do not worry, as Gran Canaria has a wide variety of co-working and co-living spaces. Also, hotels, apartments, and rural accommodation at a wide price range. We know you will find a good space to work comfortably and with all the services you need. If you are worried about your Internet connection, please do not be, you will not find any problems. Quality and reliability of Internet connection is one of the reasons of the island’s success as a telework destination.

12:00 AM You may have met other teleworkers living in Gran Canaria before midday, but only if you want to! The island is a giant meeting point for all kinds of travellers, coming from all over the world. You will meet people chasing the warm weather, or the waves, or looking for peace and quiet, others want to work while enjoying a good quality of life… The island is a melting pot of open-minded people, ready to share their diverse culture and experiences.

The capital town of the island is home to a large number of digital nomads and teleworkers, but there are working spaces all over, so you may settle wherever suits you best, whether in the beachy town, in a popular tourist area or in a remote mountain village.  Wherever you go, you will find a community of like-minded people to work with, invent, reinvent, or make your projects grow.

2:00 PM. A very important time of the day: lunch time. In Gran Canaria we follow the Spanish mealtimes, but we take our time over breakfast, lunch, dinner… plenty of time! You may want to taste some of our traditional dishes, like freshly-caught fish with “papas arrugadas” and “mojo picón” (boiled potatoes with a red pepper spicy sauce), and a soft cheese with a good local wine, or tropical fruits of all colours, ready on the table. You will find restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world, close to the sea as well as inland. Gran Canaria is a melting pot of flavours, scents, and colours of both hemispheres.

4:00 PM. (or 5:00 PM) (or 6:PM) After lunch it’s back to head back to the “office”. Let’s say you chose to work next to the sea, at any of the coworking spaces of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the capital town, in the North-East. Even though it is not as big as some of the European cities, it offers entertainment, leisure, and culture activities all year-round. Its medium size and tourist appeal provide a good environment for professional growth.

Not only Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, but all of Gran Canaria, the whole island, is a huge open-air gym, there is always something to keep you active. An island of beaches and protected natural spaces. A traveller-friendly destination and, more than anything else, an open invitation to stay and enjoy the lifestyle.

6:00 PM (or 7.00 PM, or later, our Schedule is losing structure…) 

But let’s imagine that your working day is over, and you decide to explore around Las Canteras beach, an area always popular amongst the Gran Canaria teleworking crowd. Let’s say there is an open-air concert going on. It is in fact more than likely. Live music on the promenade, overlooking “La Cícer” surfing territory, with Alfredo Kraus Opera House looming in the background. And so, the evening begins…

8:00 PM. After sunset, you decide to go into town. It is “tapas” night on Triana high street and the magical Vegueta quarter, amongst cobbled alleys and colonial buildings, that take you back in history. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was the last known place, the last dry land on the maps that Christopher Columbus followed on his journey to America. Memories of the visit of great travellers and sailors can be found in the history-filled corners of these old quarters. At times, you feel like a time-traveller yourself.

9:30 PM We are hungry after all the walking and exploring, so it is time to stop for a bite and a beer, and maybe an alfresco dinner. The popular Plaza de las Ranas or Plaza Cairasco are inviting spaces to enjoy the lovely warm evenings of a town that shows its fun cosmopolitan side at that time of the day. And at a nice temperature of 17 degrees!

11:00 PM (or 12.00 PM) (o who knows…)

The day comes to an end, and you may have fallen already for Gran Canaria’s warm weather and quiet lifestyle. You know that there is no need to hurry to get to know all the island has to offer.

There is no need to rush.

We do hope that our shambolic “day plan” has given you an appetite to find more about some of the treasures hidden on this island, called by some “a miniature continent”.

Gran Canaria is an all-round destination, round in shape and content, with everything you need to telework. Its climate offers daily possibilities to enjoy its natural, cultural, and gastronomic wealth. We can´t say it’s the ideal, perfect destination for digital nomads and teleworkers from all over the world, but we do know it is indeed a great option for many of those travellers-workers. Of course, it is!

Will you come and spend some time with us?

The place to discover the thousands of sides and the very soul of Gran Canaria, delve into its secrets and every last way of enjoying the island. Take a look, discover and fall in love forever with this infinite island. #GranCanaria #GreatDestination.

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