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Carlos Jonay Suarez

Carlos Jonay Suarez

Consultor de Estrategia Digital & Co-fundador Escuela de Trabajo Remoto


repeople Conference: en este post tienes 5 motivios para asistir a esta pedazo de conferencia, pero hay muchos más...

This post has been translated into English by Lindsey Larson.


Almost two months ago, I embarked on a new adventure, a fun little challenge on a professional level, which motivated me above all else. That challenge was, and is, developing the Digital Strategy for repeople (previously: Nomad City, CoworkingC, and Remote Afterworks).

The challenge of combining several projects under the same brand has its risks, but at the same time, it is a rewarding job that keeps you focused and allows you to investigate, analyze and develop completely new things; in other words, it was the perfect mix to get down to work.

Part of the result of what is repeople you could see last September 1 with the launch of its official website, if you couldn’t see it, don’t worry, I leave you a link here: www.repeople.co

Maybe what you’re asking yourself now that I’m writing the fourth paragraph is: okay, okay, but what did you put in the title for when? Well, I don’t make you wait any longer and I’m going with it.

Let’s start from the beginning

One of the most exciting parts about repeople is its conference: repeople Conference (formerly Nomad City Gran Canaria) is an event focused on remote work and the companies that have been developing and promoting it for years, but above all, an event made by people who believe one hundred percent in it.

repeople Conference is, probably, one of the reference events on remote work, or distributed, within the European framework and I am not telling you, the numbers and the quality of the people and brands that participate, or have participated, say so, within it: Automattic, Modern Tribe, Dribble, Buffer, Trello, Whereby, Doist, Toptal or Basecamp, are just some of the companies that have been represented in the last conferences.

Other figures that can serve as a reference: more than 100 speakers, more than 1500 attendees, and a lot of stories and good vibes since 2016, as the famous coffee ad would say… What Else?

An agenda made for you to enjoy from start to finish (and in between, too)

Do you want to know everything that repeople Conference 2020 brings you? Well, read carefully:

Two tracks, to his usual track of talks and panels in English, the first edition is included with one hundred percent track in Spanish.

More than thirty talks, panel discussions, interviews, workshops … And a lot of more surprises await you in this edition.

More than 60 international speakers with extensive experience working remotely, leading teams or developing projects, and who come from companies such as Atlassian, Shopify, LinkedIn or Doist.

The online videoconference will take place in Hopin, an incredible platform where you can network, see all the fully detailed information of the event, as well as enjoy moments of relaxation and good conversations.

Yes, I know what you may be thinking. Another online conference? Well, change that face, because Repeople Conference 2020 is going to be ANOTHER online conference, but with capital letters.

Download agenda.

A unique opportunity to connect

Events are not just an opportunity to learn, to grow professionally, or to gain new skills. Events are a great opportunity to connect with people who have the same concerns as you, people who are looking for someone like you to join their team, or simply people with whom they can talk, debate and add in a professional environment , but in a friendly and close way.

Within the Hopin platform you will have access to an incredible community of speakers and participants, with whom you can connect through their social networks and with which to share knowledge and experiences.

To all this is added, in addition, the exhibition area (which you will find as Expo, within Hopin) from where you will have access to a multitude of stands with detailed information on all the projects, companies and sponsors that make repeople Conference possible.

Starting a new career remotely?

repeople was born with many ambitions, one of them is that the community that is being generated within the brand grows with it, and that affects fields as decisive as employment, digital talent or new job opportunities.

As has been happening since 2018, repeople Conference gives you the opportunity to have access to leading companies within remote work, companies that are constantly looking for talent to continue growing and bringing innovations to the market.

Do you dare to start a new path remotely?

The first step of many more

If this is your first repeople Conference, be careful, because it hooks. And is that most of the attendees of this conference usually repeat.

Ok, this time you won’t be able to experience something as amazing as participating from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we reserve that for March 2021, but we offer you an unparalleled experience, a first step so that you can take the big step next year , and all this, from wherever you want: the comfort of your home, your office, the coffee that you like the most, yes, try to have a good internet connection … and enjoy!

If all of this that I have told you does not convince you one hundred percent, perhaps the 2019 summary video will, and if you have any questions, just ask and the repeople Conference team will be there to give you the answer you need, that easy.

So, see you at the repeople Conference 2020?

Carlos Jonay Suarez

Consultor de Estrategia Digital & Co-fundador Escuela de Trabajo Remoto
Co-fundador Escuela de Trabajo Remoto

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