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Our community is at the center of all our initiatives. A community of international knowledge workers who are passionate about the positive impact flexible work generates in their lives and others.
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We believe that a purpose-driven, dynamic, and proactive community is what contributes to a great remote work ecosystem; this is why we invest a good part of our energy to develop a community locally, internationally and virtually.

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We organize on-site meetups, online events and an annual conference that brings our community together. Don't miss out!

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We love to amplify the voice and projects of our community. If you are interested in being featured on our blog or sharing any interesting news, please get in touch.

Destination Canary Islands

We believe that the Canary Islands are one of the best places in the world to work remotely. Find out all the information you need about relocating to the Canary Islands through our local community.

Remote Work Industry

We partner with many of the companies who are solving problems for the virtual workforce. Be the first to test new projects and benefit from special offers.

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Our community gathers many of the top leaders and experts in the distributed workforce. Connect with them and grow your network through our online community.

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Our virtual platform includes high quality content delivered by industry leaders through our events and collaborations. Enjoy keynotes, workshops and white papers from the world's top experts.

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Our Events


repeople Conference

Join us at the next edition of the repeople Conference on site or enjoy the virtual experience wherever you are.

Meet other remote work advocates in your city

“Worldwide afterwork meetups with business leaders to discuss the future of location-flexible work.”

This initiative started in early 2019 with the mission to connect communities of remote workers that are based in different cities worldwide to meet in-person. At these events (currently virtual), panelists and attendees debate different topics related to the future of location-flexible work in their communities while getting to know each other in a laid back environment. If you would like to participate or lead an afterwork in your community, get in touch with us.

Nomad City Gran Canaria

“The way to connect with the local community of knowledge workers in Gran Canaria.”

In Nomad City, you will find all the information about establishing yourself in Gran Canaria as a digital nomad or remote worker. It’s also the best source of information to help you settle into one of the world’s best destinations for location independent entrepreneurs. Join our meetups and community to enjoy your experience in Gran Canaria.

Tenerife Work & Play

Are you planning to move to Tenerife?
We’d like to make your arrival easy for you by offering all you need to know to work and play in the island.

Join our virtual community

“The best virtual purpose-driven community focused on the impact of remote work.”

Join repeople’s virtual community to connect with an outstanding group of remote work advocates and location independent entrepreneurs who are looking to exchange experiences, knowledge and opportunities. Our virtual platform also hosts excellent content, events, online courses and will allow you to be an active participant, creative and to receive as much value as you share with others.