Good Relationships for Great Long-Lasting Business

Rosa María Martín Suárez

Rosa María Martín Suárez

Co founder of


Fantasitc post by Rosa María Martín Suárez - Co founder of about Good Relationships for Great Long-Lasting Business.

I strongly believe that business is always done by people and not by companies. If the right people collaborate and work together in a trustful atmosphere, great results can be achieved. So, if you intend to achieve outstanding results, do not underestimate the power of solid relationships between your team members or business partners: a strong trusting relationship and the shared intention to achieve great things is the right mix.

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to meet several teams of very diverse people. Although some of these individuals were brilliant in their own way, successful teams were always those which had built relationships between them that were honest, collaborative, trustful and inclusive. In other words, when everyone values his/her peer, enjoys and wishes working together. Only then, individuals perform at their best and excel as a team, all that while having a great time.

This simple and yet powerful idea is one of the core pillars of what we do at We create an environment in which good relationships can evolve and act as a meeting point for capable people to achieve common goals.

Our last event, here in Gran Canaria, had the goal to come up with a new sustainable business idea. The slogan: ”Our economy is very good in making profits with bad things. Let’s change that. Let’s make profits with good things.”

Every participant brought something to the table: contacts, financial capability, market position, knowledge, experience and above all, the intention to create something together… we finished the event with a few great, feasible and potentially profitable business ideas. This, however, was not the only thing that made the event successful: For, the success of this event has been the relationships developed by the people present and the collaboration started, also after the event. companykitchen serves as an arena to start new business relationships.

In the future, we will keep on running events here in Gran Canaria. We knew before that the island offered very good conditions to base low corporate tax, great internet connection, access to talent, and so on. We were also certain that Gran Canaria would have potential as a working destination for our events even though we had to do a “selling effort” to convince our participants to travel to a place they knew as a holiday destination.
Gran Canaria offers a great scenario to create this atmosphere we need for our groups to work. Throughout the event, we heard several times that they had not expected it, and some are coming back to the island in November.

For now, is your current network enough to reach your goal? Are you giving the right importance to your relationships? Maybe it is all that stands between good and awesome 😊

Rosa María Martín Suárez

Co founder of
Rosa María Martín Suárez – Co founder of and a “product” of the Canary Islands. After attending school and starting her studies at ULPGC, Rosa left Las Palmas de Gran Canaria about 20 years ago. She studied, worked and lived abroad in various countries since. Rosa holds two Master’s degrees in Economics and Econometrics and pursued a professional career in risk management in energy trading. At last with Uniper SE (Düsseldorf – Germany) Her entrepreneurial activities with has brought her back to her roots. She recently relocated back to Las Palmas, bringing her family with 3 kids.

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