Over 400 people from 29 countries attended the repeople Conference held in the Canary Islands

repeople Conference 2021

Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Spain and many other countries connected with the repeople Conference online

Last week, over 400 people from 29 countries attended the sixth edition of the repeople Conference, the only event in Europe that analyzes remote work from different perspectives, with a special emphasis on the companies’ point of view this year.

Increasingly, companies must face new ways of working based on fully in-person, remote or hybrid working models. In this sense, the repeople Conference has tried to answer all those concerns that have arisen from companies that have had to adapt to these new work models, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began, with questions such as: Are companies prepared for distributed work? What is the legal framework when hiring professionals who are working from other countries? How should teams be managed remotely?

These and many other questions were answered at the repeople Conference in which 80 remote work experts from national and international companies contributed their experiences and explained their success stories to the participants.

Throughout the day, the speakers who came to the Canary Islands from countries such as Ireland, Belgium and Portugal, among others, represented large companies such as SiteGround, Work Human and Grow Remote. They debated with professionals and representatives from national and local companies, such as the Canary Islands Special Zone, Proexca, the Gran Canaria Economic Promotion Society, Philip Morris, Inetel and Hiperdino, among others, with the aim of understanding how the phenomenon of remote work is affecting the local economy and society.

About 80 speakers distributed throughout Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma shared their experiences about working remotely

A unique event

Participants from Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Spain and many other countries connected with the repeople Conference online or attended the event in person at one of the three venues that, for the first time, were simultaneously hosting the conference across three islands.

Thanks to the support of Canary Islands Tourism, the Gran Canaria Tourism Board, Tenerife Work & Play, the Gran Canaria Economic Promotion Society and many other institutions and private companies, the conference, previously held only in Gran Canaria and online, was able to adopt a new format this year, which involved three simultaneous and independent agendas in Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma, which despite the difficulties arising from the volcanic eruption and the closure of the airport just days before the event, was able to organize a fantastic day with a score of speakers.

The event was rounded off by Jason Fried, co-founder and director of the Basecamp platform, a market-leading Chicago-based project management software, whose presentation was broadcasted at all three venues simultaneously to close the conference. In addition to talking about his experience as a remote worker, Fried explained how technology and collaborative work is a fundamental part of being productive working from anywhere in the world.

It is the only event in Europe that approaches companies from different perspectives on the increasingly popular phenomenon of remote work

For yet another year, the repeople Conference has managed to become a meeting point amongst distributed companies, remote workers, companies in the remote work industry and international talent, to strengthen the Canary Islands as the ideal destination for companies with remote and distributed teams.

In addition, the Canary Islands already have more than a hundred coworking spaces and several colivings adapted to the needs of this professional profile, where it is possible to comfortably combine work with recreation, which undoubtedly positions the Archipelago as the perfect destination for professionals in this sector.

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