Over the last 6 years, our experience has revolved around distributed work. 

Whether it was opening our first shared workspace in 2014, building an association of workspaces in the Canary Islands in 2015, opening our first coliving location in 2016 or starting our annual conference Nomad City in December 2016, all our initiatives have contributed to the creation of our remote work ecosystem in the Canary Islands. 

Recognizing the challenges of leading and working with virtual teams has allowed us to fully understand the opportunities that distributed work offers to companies and organizations. 

Our Journey

  • September 2014:  Launched first coworking space 
  • July 2015: Founded ACEC 
  • June 2016:  Launched first coliving location
  • December 2016: Hosted 1st edition of Nomad City Conference 
  • July 2017: Launched Coliving TheRoof 
  • September 2017: Hosted 2nd edition of NomadCity Conference
  • February 2018: Launched Coliving ThePool 
  • March 2018: Collaboration with operations at Theam
  • October 2018 : Hosted 3rd edition of Nomad City Conference 
  • January 2019: Launched Coliving The Mansion
  • May 2019: Launched Remote Afterworks v.I 
  • November 2019: Hosted 4th edition of Nomad City Conference
  • January 2020: Launched Coliving Papaya House 
  • September 2020: Launched Repeople

Our mission has always been to understand which elements create the perfect remote work ecosystem in the Canary Islands and to spread the word about the socioeconomic impact remote work brings to individuals, companies and regions. 

The umbrella of knowledge around distributed work covers a variety of subject matter and we’ve learned from the experience of many experts from around the world that have been collaborating actively with our initiatives and are an active part of the repeople community. 

Our experience allows us to be confident to collaborate on any project related to the generation of value through the implementation of flexible work strategies. 

If you feel that we could help you with your project, big or small, get in touch with us

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