After tasting the fast life style of big cities like London, New York, Paris or Madrid working as an actress for 10 years and head of sales of a French startup for the past 4 years. Sonia decided to co-create the first coliving of Los Llanos de Aridane << Casa Benahoares >> in collaboration with repeople. 9 month later and more than 80 clients satisfied. She is starting a new one called << Casa Acaime >> in Tenerife Norte. Her dream is to link all the islands with conscious colivings where people can feel really connected to nature and others.
The name Awid Aman related to her berber roots, it means Bring me Water, it is a collaborative project that connect innovative people all over the world to create a new way of living more connected to nature and located next to a mountain and a small city of less than 30 000 people.
Beyond borders and nationalities, Awid Aman inspires everyone to join the conscious movement, expressing their light, energy, and become part of this international project.
We stand for slow traveling, intentional living, and conscious co-existence.