My experience in El Cabo coliving in Agaete

Sara Picazo

Sara Picazo

Periodista y consultora de comunicación. Especializada en comunicación estratégica corporativa. Actualmente es jefa de prensa y comunicación en Blondloyal, la agencia y productora de Roberto Leal.


Sara Picazo en el Cabo Coliving

Imposing landscapes, top facilities and like-minded people

  • “El Cabo” is an ideal place to find inspiration and recharge batteries after an intense day of work
  • Having facilities designed specifically for remote workers by remote workers, as well as being part of a community who are immersed in similar work dynamics, helps to focus without unnecessary distractions.
Sara Picazo - Puerto de Las Nieves, Agaete
Sara Picazo en el Puerto de Las Nieves, Agaete

Hello! I am Sara Picazo, a journalist and corporate strategic communication consultant for companies. My job allowed me to work from different countries, locations and environments throughout my career. Years before the pandemic, I was already working remotely. This was a challenge, as in Spain the culture of teleworking had not yet been implemented. This is why I have always felt closely linked to the Repeople and Nomad City projects supporting their advocacy for remote work and  the values behind flexible work that I feel very identified with. 

When you are out of your comfort zone and have to deal with work, what you value most is that your environment allows you to be as productive as possible, without events that blur your work. 

For this reason, I consider it vitally important to book accommodations run by companies who are knowledgeable about the needs of remote workers. It is important that they are well aware of the dynamics, needs and particularities of remote workers.

I recently discovered the new coliving El Cabo and the coworking in Agaete, strategically located a few meters away from each other, in Puerto de las Nieves. A privileged environment with impressive landscapes where majestic mountains, cliffs, sea, natural pools and spectacular sunsets converge. 

A whole feast of nature that will serve you both to find inspiration during working hours, and to reset after an intense working day.

The time I spent teleworking from El Cabo I felt much more productive. I was able to pull off arduous projects without even realizing it.

  • Maybe I was forcing myself to focus because I knew that afterwards a great disconnection awaited me in the middle of nature.
  • Perhaps observing the stars from the terrace of El Cabo inspires because, far from all expectations, the writing of press releases at late hours turned out to be a complete success.
  • I am certain that being surrounded by like-minded people with whom to exchange interesting points of view, contributed a lot to my well-being and productivity. 

 “Convivance” in coliving is usually very enriching. I take with me a wide network of contacts and new friends from practically all corners of the world.

Disconnection to connect

I opted for this coliving because I personally needed a relaxed and calm environment to focus on various work projects and I also wanted to reconnect with myself.

During those days I felt that I was “surrounded by the wallpaper on my computer”
,with those imperious views of nature all around me.

Views from the terrace of El Cabo Coliving

Rooftop - El Cabo Coliving
Vistas desde la terraza de El Cabo Coliving

The facilities

The Repeole coliving in Agaete is the perfect location to telework from a privileged environment surrounded by the sea 🌊, mountains ⛰ and spectacular sunsets 🌅. The facilities and services covered all my needs: cleaning service, large kitchen, dining room, several common work areas throughout the building and also a private workspace inside my room. 

The rooftop  is an ideal space for both teleworking and relaxing, with privileged views of Puerto de las Nieves. The rooms are equipped with a desk, private bathroom and a very cozy atmosphere to have a pleasant and spacious own space. In addition, the beds are extremely comfortable 🛏

Outstanding perks:

  • Large kitchen that allows  people to cook simultaneously, without having to wait for turns (fully equipped, several ovens, several ceramic hobs… and all the utensils necessary in a kitchen). The coffee bean machine is a delight for those of us who love coffee ☕
  • Repeople coworking space a few meters away from the coliving facilities , for those who decide to change the location of “their office”. In addition, from the “patio” of ​​this Agaete coworking you will enjoy the perfect sunset every day, right in front of your computer screen ‍👩🏼💻 For me, working while saying goodbye to the sun ☀️ is priceless and if, in addition, you do it with Teide looming in the background, breaking through the clouds, there is no comparable luxury.
  • Location in the center of Puerto de las Nieves, with a wide range of restaurants around and very close to the center of Agaete (town).
  • Bucolic landscapes inspired my work breaks (which will make you more productive since they will give you the necessary impulse to finish the workday successfully).
  • Very good connectivity by public transport. The bus from Las Palmas (103) will leave you practically at the door of the coliving, something that is greatly appreciated when, even if you are a backpacker, you end up looking like a workhorse (I speak from experience). In addition, from the same port where El Cabo is located, every day there are several direct connections to Tenerife by boat, so you can change islands in just 80 minutes with the Fred Olsen Express Ferry.
  • Good balance between common and private areas and the natural environment 💯

The luxury of being able to do something different every day

Tips during your stay in El Cabo

Despite the fact that Agaete is a small town (which precisely gives it that rural charm) there is always something different to do, something that is very attractive for those of us who flee from monotony. Even every sunset is different as there are different locations that will make each sunset unique and special.

If you are one of those who procrastinates in the morning before starting work, a swim in the natural pools or at  the old port´s pier will do you great. It is another of the advantages of coliving, given its strategic location you will practically reach the sea when you “fall out of bed”.

As the day progresses, when you feel that inspiration is not knocking on your door, nothing better than going up to the terrace of El Cabo to get a breath of fresh air with some great views. Let me know when you try it! 

*My secret sauce: take a dip in the ocean at night and gaze at the stars to refresh some ideas before my nightly writing.

The coexistence. Personal and professional

Coliving – CoCreate– Grow

During my stay in El Cabo, I was lucky enough to meet a group of women entrepreneurs from all over the world who were part of ‘The Break’, a European program to attract female talent aimed at women entrepreneurs, which enriched (more if possible) my experience. I had the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs with totally different backgrounds, with whom I had an interesting exchange of knowledge, ideas and multiple learning experiences.

In addition, I also met Pueblos Remotos, the Canarian organization that was selected to launch this first edition of ‘The Break’ on the Islands. It is the magic of colivings, where you always find people of great interest with whom to be inspired and establish professional synergies. 

Hand in hand with Pueblos Remotos, a Repeople partner, these professionals also had the opportunity to interact with different local entrepreneurs, through meetings with artisans, visits to farms, wineries, coffee plantations, cheese factories and looms, to discover the essence of life in the rural environment.

It is also a way of boosting synergies and establishing business relationships under the concept of sustainable and socially responsible tourism.

Community dinner - El Cabo Coliving
Cena en comunidad en El Cabo Coliving

Barbecues, dancing, yoga, “family dinners”…

One of the great values ​​of coliving in El Cabo is that when work is finished there are always different plans to join, from spontaneous initiatives by the guests themselves, to activities organized by Repeople, such as hiking trails or barbecues, or even attending the local cultural activities that Agaete offers.

If you don’t plan, don’t worry, impromptu plans often arise to share skills, something that seems essential to me to learn new notions about a subject that perhaps, otherwise, you would never have had the interest to discover. 

The importance of sharing hard and soft skills in coliving to gain new knowledge:

Remote workers are typically people with many skills and interests. During my stay we had everything from dance and yoga workshops to skillshare sessions that accentuate networking in a practical, entertaining and fun way. 

One of the moments that I remember most fondly during my time in El Cabo, were the “family dinners” in which each diner showed her culinary skills and then tasted the dishes. together, enlivened by interesting talks. 

However, for those days when you don’t feel like cooking or socializing (which there are too), the good news is that both Agaete and Puerto de las Nieves have a wide gastronomic offer around.

Hiking - Agaete Valley
Caminata por el Valle de Agaete

An incredible community

At Repeople , in addition to being specialists in designing pleasant ecosystems for teleworking and entrepreneurship, they are committed to attracting talent in the Canary Islands, creating synergies and new professional opportunities for local actors. 

During my stay in El Cabo, a business challenge was launched to energize the municipality of Agaete: ‘How to improve collaboration between local entrepreneurs in Agaete?’ When I travel I like to get involved and get to know the local culture of the place I visit, which is why I value this challenge very positively. Traveling as “digital nomads” is not about being just another tourist, but about absorbing the local culture to create actions with an impact on the local community.

A value that I like to highlight in the Repeople spaces is that it brings together professionals with a lot of discipline when it comes to working, unlike when you go to a hostel or hotel where people are more in ‘vacation mode’ with all that it implies. 

Having colleagues who are immersed in similar work dynamics also helps to focus without unnecessary distractions and better manage intense work routines. I was very positively surprised by the self-discipline of the remote workers in El Cabo.

Having facilities adapted to teleworking and having colleagues who are immersed in remote work dynamics helps to focus without unnecessary distractions

Remote work - Agaete's coworking
Teletrabajando desde el coworking de Agaete

Other proposals from Repeople in Gran Canaria

For those who want to split their stay in Agaete with other destinations, Repeople has other spaces distributed both in the north and in the south of Gran Canaria. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Repeople manages  6 spaces for coliving and coworking for those looking for more of a “city life”. I am looking forward to working again from the terrace of El Cabo while the stars look at me (after having previously observed them for hours). I already miss those days that I would like to stretch out endlessly and repeat in a loop with routines such as: work – sport – work – coffee – work – swimming in the sea – coworking – mountain excursion – sunset – dinner + interesting people around…? What else? Work & Sunset & Repeat @Repeople. Enjoy the teleworking experience with Repeople!

Get to know the new Repeople coliving and coworking spaces in Agaete

Beyond hosting individual remote workers, the new repeople coliving in the town of Agaete offer workspaces in beautiful natural settings. They offer great potential and added value to attract companies and create team building activities for their employees.

Sara Picazo

Periodista y consultora de comunicación. Especializada en comunicación estratégica corporativa. Actualmente es jefa de prensa y comunicación en Blondloyal, la agencia y productora de Roberto Leal.
De forma paralela, colabora con diferentes proyectos y clientes ayudándoles con la gestión de su departamento de prensa y comunicación. Trayectoria internacional en medios de información, agencias de comunicación y gabinetes de prensa en España, EE.UU y América Latina. Más de 17 años de experiencia en el sector, trabajando como periodista para medios de difusión en prensa, radio y TV, así como consultora para entidades del sector público y privado.

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